• Verdura Vintage Figurine Brooch with Pearl, Sapphire, and Ruby

Vintage Figurine Brooch


Originally from the collection of Margaret Kahn Ryan, also known as “Nin,” a close friend of Duke Fulco di Verdura, this jaunty figural brooch was made in 1971 to replace the client’s brooch from 1951.

•  18k gold and platinum brooch set with one baroque pearl, two pyramid sapphires, nine cabochon rubies and 96 round diamonds. 


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About Fulco Di Verdura

Born into Sicilian aristocracy in 1898, Verdura’s founder, Duke Fulco di Verdura, began his extraordinary career in Paris as a designer for Coco Chanel. After eight years with Chanel where he, most notably, created the Maltese Cross cuffs that became his signature, Verdura followed his passion for design to America in 1934.