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Spring 2022 “Essentials of Style”

Spring 2022 “Essentials of Style”

This Spring we profile our timeless Essentials of Style, or as Fulco di Verdura himself described them, "Jewels with an old-world touch yet with a smart distinction that makes them right for the modern woman."

  • verdura pebble bracelet amethyst web
  • Pebble Bracelet in Amethyst

    “Flawed but perfect” raved Vogue of Verdura’s creations in December 1940, hailing the jeweler’s “beautiful polished pebbles, fished from the bottom of the sea and caught in a net of gold.” Preferring the wider palette range offered by semi-precious stones, Verdura set vibrant hued “pebbles” in rich yellow gold, often with rope detailing reminiscent of his youth in Sicily.

  • Mosaic Cuff
  • Mosaic Cuff

    Inspired by the richly hued mosaics and gold-encrusted treasures of the Byzantine Empire, Verdura set gems into gold like tiles, mixing precious and semi-precious stones in various colors and cuts.

  • verdura constellation bracelet web
  • Constellation Bracelet

    First designed in 1944, the original Constellation Bracelet was owned by Minnie Astor. Today, the bracelet is made with seven customizable panels depicting zodiac signs in diamonds and gold. The constellations depicted in the bracelet shown are: Capricorn, Aries, Taurus, Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer and Virgo.

  • Verdura-Jewelry-Zodiac-Pendant-Necklace-Capricorn-Gold-Diamond
  • Zodiac Pendant Necklace – Capricorn
      Recently discovered archival postcards Fulco di Verdura purchased at the American Museum of Natural History inspired him to create these zodiac designs.
        • hand-engraved diamond-set, 18k gold, 19″ length.                                             December 22 – January 20
  • Verdura-Jewelry-Candy-Ring-Aquamarine-Emerald-Gold_498x498_acf_cropped
  • Candy Ring

    Originally made in 1942 for a client’s 102 carat star sapphire, the Candy Ring is one of Fulco di Verdura’s earliest and most classic designs.

  • verdura curb-link bracelet web
  • Curb-Link Bracelet

    After debuting her own Curb-Link Bracelet and Watch in publicity stills for her final film in 1941, Greta Garbo was rarely seen without the signature gold links on each wrist. Today, modern style icons have adopted the classic link as a staple in their own wardrobes, layering them on a single wrist or wearing them in pairs as Garbo did.


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