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  • Zodiac Pendant Necklace – Libra

      Recently discovered archival postcards Fulco di Verdura purchased at the American Museum of Natural History inspired him to create these zodiac designs.

        • hand-engraved diamond-set, 18k gold, 19" length.                                           September 24 - October 23
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    Verdura-Jewelry-Zodiac-Pendant-Necklace-Libra-Gold-Diamond Verdura-Jewelry-Zodiac-Pendant-Necklace-Leo-Gold-Diamond Verdura-Jewelry-Zodiac-Pendant-Necklace-Scorpio-Gold-Diamond Verdura-Jewelry-Zodiac-Pendant-Necklace-Aquarius-Gold-Diamond_9314b3a1-6368-4222-9766-afdaefb9a096 Verdura-Jewelry-Zodiac-Pendant-Necklace-Aries-Gold-Diamond Verdura-Jewelry-Zodiac-Pendant-Necklace-Cancer-Gold-Diamond Verdura-Jewelry-Zodiac-Pendant-Necklace-Capricorn-Gold-Diamond_804d3c67-a09f-47dc-b2e7-0fdc1a55b18e Verdura-Jewelry-Zodiac-Pendant-Necklace-Gemini-Gold-Diamond Verdura-Jewelry-Zodiac-Pendant-Necklace-Pisces-Gold-Diamond_9cec4987-4129-445b-9a1c-9933af662638 Verdura-Jewelry-Zodiac-Pendant-Necklace-Sagitarrius-Gold-Diamond Verdura-Jewelry-Zodiac-Pendant-Necklace-Taurus-Gold-Diamond Verdura-Jewelry-Zodiac-Pendant-Necklace-Virgo-Gold-Diamond
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