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“We are endeavoring to offer jewels that are truly artistic and unusual — jewels with an old-world touch yet with a smart distinction that makes them right for the modern woman”

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COCO CHANEL While working with Chanel in the 1930s, Verdura designed the first enameled cuffs for the coutourière with stones from her personal collection. Inspired by the heraldic symbol of the Medieval Knights of Malta, the Maltese Cross Cuffs launched Verdura’s career.

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GRETA GARBO After debuting her own Curb-Link Bracelet and Watch in publicity stills for her final film in 1941, Garbo was rarely seen without the signature links on each wrist, from lounging at home to working in the garden.

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EMPRESS THEODORA Verdura began his career in theearly 1930s with Coco Chanel. Among the first pieces he made were the Theodora and Ravenna brooches, vibrant starburst designs, a notable departure from the proliferation of platinum and diamond jewelry. Inspired by the mosaics of the Byzantine Empire, Verdura began a modern revolution.

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COINS Wrapping coins in gold rope and encrusting them with diamonds, Verdura reimagined the vintage 1907 - 1933 gold currency as a tribute to his adopted country.

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COLE PORTER Dating back to September 1939, the "Night & Day" design originated as a pair of cufflinks, a tribute to friend and composer, Cole Porter. The whimsical design--a reference to Cole's eponymous song--is one of the jeweler's most romantic creations.